Hi, my name is Kyle and welcome to my site.

Yes I know this is broken – A bad plugin which I hope is updated soon

About pages are a silly excuse to blow your own horn. We all know this, and yet every page – from blog to industry giant – has an about page in which they tell you how wonderful they are.

So in that case…

I am interested in all interesting things. I love computers and technology. And I believe technology has the power to change the world for the better in every single aspect.

I am a Top Windows Insider and Windows Insider MVP. So yeah, I may know some stuff about things.

On this website, you’ll find me blogging about my thoughts, attempting to become a better creative writer, reviewing music that mas meaning to me and even giving Microsoft some helpful advice on Windows (as I happen to be a big Microsoft fan).

Follow me on Twitter for tech news, puns and generally good time, on Apple Music if heavy music is your jam, on Xbox Live for some really good screenshots and on this site to find out the rest.

I also host a podcast which you can find at The Xboxcast. A few of my friends and lovely wife get together to talk about the world of Xbox. And I think we do a pretty good job of being funny first, and factual second.